Fractional Ownership

Owning a waterfront property doesn’t have to be the financial commitment you think it is. You can purchase a vacation property at Watermark Beach Resort at a reasonable price with very manageable operating costs. Quarter, sixth or twelfth ownership starts from just $28,900*, it’s a financially affordable alternative to whole ownership.

*Pricing subject to change without notice and subject to all applicable taxes.

It matches the typical North American’s usage patterns allowing you to enjoy your beachfront property as much or as little as you like while still making a sound decision in real estate. You love the relaxed, romantic atmosphere of Osoyoos wine country and crave the tranquility that comes from basking under the Okanagan sun. You get a lot of pleasure visiting the area and staying in different hotels and resorts but would love to have a place that is truly yours. A second property that is familiar, memorable, and your own. With Fractional Ownership, you can achieve those goals while only paying for the concentration of ownership that matches your usage. You get the luxury of a beachfront, amenity-rich, full-service resort and only pay a fraction of the price.

What if I am unable to use all of the weeks that are included in my Fractional Interest?

Watermark Beach Resort offers three alternatives to personal use with benefits equally as great to being able to enjoy it yourself! Take advantage of the rental management program allowing you to help offset your operating costs of owning a second property. The rental pool at Watermark Beach Resort has proven historical revenues which vary depending on the days or weeks you opt in. No matter what your agenda, your weeks will not be wasted.

Fractional Ownership Fact Sheet

  • You purchase the amount of property that best fits your needs
  • Operating costs are shared with other owners
  • This is “Titled Real Estate.” It is not Timeshare
  • Evenly distributed weeks that rotate and match your vacation patterns
  • “Lock and Leave Lifestyle”
  • Ability to participate in the rental management program with proven Historical Revenues