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Whole Ownership

Well over 100 families have chosen Watermark Beach Resort as their beachfront getaway on a Whole Ownership basis. Whole Ownership offers unlimited flexibility with how you can use your property and offers the peace of mind that comes from a solid real estate venture.

Osoyoos Vacation Property in Optional Rental Programs

Whole Owners get the benefit of being able to participate in the rental program on a year-round basis and have the privilege of choosing whether to enjoy their suite during peak times or keep it rented to capitalize on high season occupancy and room revenue. Whole Owners have the freedom of choosing as many weeks as they wish to exchange with Interval International if they would like to escape to a destination other than their Osoyoos residence, and can come and go as they see fit. (Owners must be members of Interval International to receive this benefit.)

Whole Ownership starts from just  $219,900  for a fully furnished one bedroom condo, and  $619,900  for a beachfront townhome.*

*Pricing subject to change without notice and subject to all applicable taxes.